How To Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Towed

If there is something that all drivers agree upon, it’s the desire not to ever get your car towed. 24-hour towing service companies know this and they are willing to provide tips on how to avoid the hassle of having your car towed.

Take Good Care of Your Vehicle

This should be common sense enough for all car owners. This rule is probably the best advice you can get in order to avoid getting your towed. A car that is in pristine condition, gets regular oil changes, treated with care and regularly undergoes mechanical tune-ups underneath the hood is far less likely to have a breakdown and need not be towed. A lot of cars nowadays, can go up to 100,000 miles or above before they show any signs of age.

How To Fix Flat Tires

If you do not wish to contact a tow truck, you should take the initiative and learn how you can the troubles of your car yourself. Learn how you can fix a flat tire using a wrench and a jack and always have a spare tire in your trunk. Fixing a flat is     very simple if you are willing to dirty your hands. With the hand brake on and the car in park, loosen the lug nuts on your tire.

Do not totally remove the nuts. Jack the car up so your tire is above the ground by a few inches. The jack must be beneath the metal frame of the car, close to the tire, and it must be placed always on solid ground. Remove the flat tire all the way and then put on the spare tire using an air valve sticking out. You need to tighten all the lug nuts, forming a star pattern, top to bottom and then side to side. If you can do this by yourself, you don’t need a towing service to come and help you.

Be Smart If You Park

If there are signs around your parking spot posted, warning you that your car will be towed if parked there, then you are wanting to be towed. If you do not park illegally ever in a parking lot or along the roadside, then you will not be towed. Parking might be difficult where you are located, but that is a wholly different problem than getting towed for illegal parking. Do not park your car in private property parking lots, driveways as well as other spaces unless you have authorization.

Private property areas have specific signs at the entrance and private property owners have the right to call a towing company or a 24-hour towing service immediately if your car or truck is not authorized to be in their area. Vehicles that block the sidewalk, roadway or driveway can also be towed. Vehicles are not allowed to block a street, driveway, lane of traffic, sidewalk or any other vehicle or public right-of-way. Illegally parked vehicles are not allowed to park in “no parking anytime” areas. These areas could be fire lanes, in construction zones, bus zones, fire hydrant areas or red zones.

License and Registration

If your vehicle has an expired registration and if it is found on the road or a parking lot, it can be towed and only released if the owner of the vehicle can provide proof of valid registration. It is also illegal to operate a vehicle if you do not have a valid driver’s license or if your driver’s license has been suspended. In times like this, a police officer is not going to leave a vehicle unattended, so if you do not have a valid license, your vehicle is going to be towed.