Signs of a Dying or Dead Car Battery

Imagine yourself planning to have dinner in a restaurant that is 15 miles away from your home. While you are planning to have dinner, your car is currently stuck 10 miles from the restaurant and on the side of the road. You are pretty hungry and in a rush to make dinner reservations, and stranded with an immobile vehicle and this is just because of a dead car battery. The rumbles coming from your stomach is telling you that you cannot be just sitting in your car, with the frustration this dilemma has put on your night out. You need to get moving fast. The good news is, a 24-hour towing service has the means to get a dead battery replaced.

Battery Life

Usually, car batteries have an estimated lifespan of around 5 years. Usually, most of the average lifespan of batteries is just two to three years. The fact is, the more battery-operated vehicle accessories are used, the less likely it is that the battery is going to reach the projected lifespan warranty. Ideally, you need to get another battery before problems start to arise. It could be either through the five-year mark or before displaying failure signs. A dying or old battery can accumulate repair bills and has higher chances of dying during the must unexpected times. So, avoid this from happening by checking the condition of the battery on a regular basis.

Battery failure is the main reason for breakdowns of vehicles. It means that there is a good chance that your car battery is going to leave you stranded on the roadside at a certain point in your life unless you observe and get it replaced. Recognizing the signs of dying battery can effectively stop the car battery from dying during situations that are unexpected.

Warning signs of a dying battery

Some of the warning signs of a dying battery include the age of your car. Have some kind of documentation which specifies the date when your car’s battery was replaced last. If you don’t know it firsthand, don’t worry. A lot of car batteries have the last battery installation date indicated on the battery itself. You should also pay attention to the sounds of the car when you turn on the engine. Clicking noises or sputtering are good indicators that the battery is getting into trouble.

Watch out for headlights that are dimming. The presence of fading headlights if you turn the engine on, or briefl y after that, are signs that the battery is dying. You should also watch out for the efficiency of the electrical accessories of the vehicle. If the headlights, radio, heating/cooling system or power windows look slow or function less, you need to think that the end of the battery is close.

Dashboard indicator lights would also indicate battery life. You also need to visually check the battery of your car regularly. The way your battery looks physically is an indicator of where the battery stands in its lifespan. Be on the lookout for strange residue on the battery itself, the look of wear and tear and smells that are unsettling. Schedule car battery checks regularly. Make it a habit to avoid any roadside breakdown.

24/7 towing and servicing companies are ready with battery delivery, installation and replacement anytime you need them. These are just among their roster of services which are extensive and definitely accommodate customers’ battery needs. Their services usually include on-the-spot service, 90-second system and battery test, recycling of old batteries and proper removal, installation of a high quality battery and battery warranty that varies from one company to another.