Snellville Georgia

Snellville is a city located in Gwinett County, Georgia in the United States. This city can be found east of Atlanta, Georgia. As of 2010, the city is home to 18,242 people and the population was estimated to be 19,733 in 2015. Snellville is considered as a developed suburb of Atlanta and is a part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It can be reached by way of east 35-40 minutes from Downtown Atlanta through the US-78 and Interstate 285.

Brief History of Snellville, Georgia

In 1874 James Sawyer and Thomas Snell, who were then seventeen-year-old friends from London, planned a secret voyage to the New World. On March 18, James Sawyer and Charles, his brother, left England. However, the parents of Thomas Snell, would not let him leave, which delayed his departure. The Sawyer brothers reached New York on April 1, and after a few weeks went to Athens, Georgia, and then to Madison County, where they worked and stayed on a farm living at $10 a month. Snell, eventually followed his friends to New York and went south for a meeting with them.

The three friends then made their way through Lawrenceville and Jefferson. After Snell arrived, Charles went to Pennsylvania and later returned to the South and then settling in Alabama, where he joined the turpentine business. John also went, looking for his brother and left Snell to work on the farm owned by A.A. Dyer. James Sawyer could not find his brother and returned to New York and started to work on a farm close to the Hudson River area until he reached his 21st birthday when he went back to England and claimed his inheritance.

In August 1879, James Sawyer returned to Americus, Georgia and went to Gwinnett County. In Gwinnett, County, Sawyer found Snell in the small settlement that was then known as New London, near Stone Mountain. In the homestead, which Snell now called Snellville, the two friends built a small wood frame building and started, Snell and Sawyer’s store, a small business just like the one where they were employed at in London. The business was quite successful but their partnership later dissolved and Sawyer kept the old store. The Snell family is still prominent today in the Atlanta area. Another branch of the Snell family is well-established in Houston, Texas.

Other Facts about Snellville

The City of Snellville got its charter from the General Assembly of the State of Georgia in 1923. The growth of Snellville stayed slow until the 1960s, when the suburban patterns of development of automobile dependency and segregated uses became quite common. As of 2010, Snellville’s population included 7,069 housing units. Around 1,150 businesses operate in Snellville which brings in more than $1 billion in revenue every year. The political system of Snellville now comprises of a mayor with 5 council members. There are more than 100 employees working for the city of Snellville, operating for 5 departments. These departments are Administration, Planning and Development, Parks & Recreation, Public Works and Public Safety.

The city limits of Snellville have grown to 27.4 km which includes 14 houses of worship inside the city limits. As of the early part of 2011, new housing construction, mostly upscale, is still going on in Snellville along with areas of southern Gwinnett County that carry a Snellville address. The Snellville Loop concept was developed as a loop road that connects US 78 west of Snellville with GA SR 124 north of Snellville. During the late 1980s as well as the early 1990s, the idea went under several iterations until it was developed into a route that forms a complete north side loop of Snellville, US 78 west to US 78 east.

Route 418 of the express bus service, is a joint venture between Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and Gwinnett County Transit. It provides a commuter bus service to downtown Atlanta from Snellville during the morning and also in the afternoon. There are 7 departure times available in the morning and also 7 departure times in the afternoon, Monday-Friday through Stone Mountain Freeway. The morning westbound route ends at the Civic Center MARTA Station. The afternoon eastbound route ends at the First Baptist Church of Snellville, through a stop at the Hewatt Road Park & Ride.

Snellville has a humid subtropical climate based on the Koppen classification, with hot, humid summers in general, along with mild winters according to the standards of most of the US. Compared to most of the large cities all over the world at approximately the same latitude like Casablanca, Beirut, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Dallas, Snellville has lower average winter temperatures. The main reason for this is that the North American Continent extends into high latitudes which allows systems to form and move in an easterly direction and southward without any obstruction by major mountain ranges.