Vehicle Breakdown Tips for Drivers

It is quite common that most drivers have experienced the inconvenient situation where their car breaks down all of a sudden at the wrong time. Sadly, many of us do not know what needs to be done when it happens. Is it better to call a 24 hour towing service or a friend, as well as let them tell you how to repair the vehicle so you don’t miss an appointment? Today, many people give plenty of advice to drivers, however, one must remember that in cases of vehicle breakdown, the safety of the driver and the passengers should be prioritized.

One might think that all drivers know the rules of traffic perfectly but today, there are only a few drivers who know them in such a fashion. There are many factors that influence driver behavior on the road. So, because of drivers’ ignorance, people often get themselves in a situation where they are uncertain what has to be done next. It is, therefore, important to familiarize the rules of traffic in order to minimize accident risks and to make sure that the safety of your loved ones is safeguarded.

Dealing With a Car Breakdown

When you are driving, evaluate your surroundings and know the nature of the problem. If you can successfully take it to a safe, open area, like a parking lot then do your best to make it happen. Otherwise, pull over to the roadside, and also as far as you can go while you remain on flat and level terrain. Your objective is to stay far from traffic and avoid any chances of a collision. Always remember to turn on your emergency flashers to alert other drivers that you have a problem.

Never try to push a disabled car off the road if there is still traffic. Also, do not stay in the car if there are chances that it could be struck by another vehicle. Exit the vehicle on the side which is away from the traffic. If you are not driving, think and evaluate what your plans for the day are, and contact whoever has to know about your situation. It could be your boss, your spouse, the daycare center of your child, etc. Let them know your situation and your plan to get your vehicle fixed, then proceed to the next step.

Getting Assistance with Your Vehicle

If you are away from home, unless you are an automotive repair expert, you need to contact a technician who can check your vehicle and find out what the problem is all about. You should take note of whatever local landmarks you could use to lead them to the right location, and give as much information regarding the problem as possible such as sounds, smell, the feeling while driving, etc. This could help the technician spot the problem when they reach your location.

A lot of cases can be solved on the spot, but only 40% will need to be towed to a repair facility. Other fixes can be temporary, just enough help to get there by yourself. In many cases, mechanical breakdowns are followed by a collision immediately. You need to be able to deal with these events. When you are at home, you could take another vehicle and get the repair parts by yourself if you are sure about what you’re doing. This is a usually direct process for maintenance items like replacing windshield wipers, dead batteries and changes in oil. Many of us are not trained mechanics who could fix a vehicle right away, so you better leave it to professionals. If your vehicle is covered by warranty, you could still qualify for roadside assistance and complimentary towing.