What to Consider in your Next Towing Vehicle

If you are already aware on how small or big a vehicle you need to have after doing some homework of your own, you can easily decide on whether it’s possible to have a car, truck or van to satisfy your towing needs. For instance:

  • If your trailer is quite small, a car could work for you. Cars can also give you better gas mileage compared to other options such as trucks and vans.
  • If you have a larger trailer, and you are deciding between a truck and a van as a tow vehicle, some things to consider are interior storage. Vans typically have better interior storage features and capacities and can carry more people.
  • Trucks on the other hand, have better payload than vans because they have beds. You can also install caps on the bed and put different stuff on top of the truck providing you with even better loading capacities.

There are plenty of reasons why people would choose either a car, van or truck as their tow vehicle. However, having an idea on the baseline of how much you have to be able to tow will help you decide on whether a car or van is even an option.

Other Considerations

Now if you already have an idea what your potential options are, here are other things that you should consider on your decision.

  • Gas vs. Diesel. Diesel tow vehicles are popular because of their better towing capacity than gas options. They are also easier to drive across hills and mountains. Recently though, there are trucks that are equipped with eco-boost engines which many people feel are comparable to diesel engines. This and the size of your trailer (smaller trailers can work well with gas tow vehicles) is something that you may want to consider if you decide to opt with a gas powered tow vehicle.
  • 4-wheel drive vs. 2-wheel drive. This is important especially when you plan on towing your trailer across tougher and more challenging terrains, such as mud, snow and sand. In case of off-road driving, having a 4-wheel drive system would be ideal. However, if you are planning to simply stick on the road, then having a 2-wheel drive system would do just fine. A lot of vans are not equipped with 4-wheel drives – you will often see this option in trucks.
  • Backseat. This is something you need to consider especially if you’re looking for a truck. Ask yourself whether you need a backseat or not. If you want to bring your dog along with you, then you may need to have at least regular backseat. You can decide to add an extended cab but it will make your truck only longer and harder to maneuver.

Popular tow vehicle trucks in the market

One of the more popular tow trucks in the market that you can look into are the 2500 series. They are great options for regular sized trailers. If you have a smaller trailer, then the 1500 or 150 series may be the more suitable option. If you plan to tow fifth wheel RVs, the most popular trucks in the market are the 3500 or 350 series as they have bigger pay load capacities and are therefore capable of handling the larger and heavier fifth wheels.

In general, knowing the size of your trailer or the fifth wheel that you will be towing will be the deciding factor in choosing the series of truck that you should go with (that is if you are going for truck).

Final thoughts

You don’t want to be someone driving up an 8 percent grade in Colorado and just barely managing to do 10 miles per hour at the most. You need the right towing vehicle to effectively and efficiently pull your trailer on whatever scenario you intend to go. You also don’t want to “underbuy” when you’re in the market for a tow vehicle as it will put your and your passenger’s safety at risk.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to “overbuy” because it’s not necessarily safer if you would and you will be spending more money and have a rougher ride if your truck is heavier. However, if you need that bigger truck to pull your larger trailer or fifth wheel RV, then it’s absolutely worth it to invest on one since this guarantees better safety in all your towing endeavours.

Overall, think about the type of trailer you want to tow and where you want to bring it. After you have carefully thought about them, find a truck, van or a particular type of tow vehicle that is enough to get the job done right.