When Your Smart Car Gets Hijacked

There are two ways of thinking about a smart car. Your smart car might be a vehicle where the control is done by microelectronic as well as computer technology. The other way to think about it is that it could be a car that does not need a driver and can drive by itself. The automatic car is close to becoming a reality. Aside from being totally electric, smart cars have a wide range of technologies as well as sensors to read and monitor surrounding environments. Fully-automated vehicles are finding their way to the market soon. A smart car that runs from a battery could assist with road congestion. Uber has already tried a car without a driver.

Electronic technology has become an integral part of modern vehicles. There could be a problem in totally getting rid of the driver, as anyone who is familiar with driving knows. Real time decisions are based on split-second judgments. Computer technology has not reached this level yet. A lot of cars are becoming more and more like laptops on wheels. Because of this, it is not impossible to get an attack from hackers. The problem in the past was car thieves. Nowadays, because of smart cars, hackers are showing interest. A hacker could be an adolescent nerd in a bed room somewhere, to criminal gangs. With every advance in technology, there is a corresponding advance in people who wish to exploit these advances through various malicious intents.

Among the first vehicles to encounter problems was the Chrysler Cherokee Jeep. A report showed up from a driver that his Jeep was rendered immobile because of a hacker. Because of this report, vehicles are starting to use Electronic Control Units or ECU or ECM, Electronic Control Modules. Nevertheless, if a smart car does get hijacked by a hacker, there is still an option to contact a 24-hour towing service for assistance. The control units control a wide range of various car systems. These systems include the ignition timing, fuel amount used by the engine, as well as the gear systems.

One possible way smart cars can get hacked is through an app called Uconnect. This app has been used in new Chryslers and Fiats. The app sets out to allow a driver to make phone calls, link to the navigation system as well as entertainment. It’s a great app but the app can be used to get the IP address of the smart car. The information has been published online and the vehicle IP address is said to be a key for a veteran hacker. As soon as they have the IP address, they can get into the smart car’s electronic systems and the car’s engine.

The Tesla is not immune to weaknesses. A security researcher has found six faults with a certain model. The entertainment systems can be hacked and the vehicle can be locked or unlocked by a hacker from the outside. The boot could be accessed remotely and the engine systems could be turned on or off remotely. So, even if there are a lot of advances in using micro-electronic technology, smart cars should still prioritize greater security for their systems. Greater security, fuel control and overall driver control are some of the factors that need to be considered for safety of the driver and the passengers. The difficult part is that if the car can communicate to the outside world, the signals have a chance to be intercepted and used as keys by hackers.

Anyway, if it cannot be avoided, there are 24-hour towing services as well as rescue services that can help you in case your car gets hacked and immobilized. All you need to do is search the internet for these services in your area.